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I often speak to many people who are unsure if weight-loss hypnosis will work for them.  This is completely understanable as they have spent their life on  yo-yo diets and the weightloss merry-go-round. 


How can I be so confident that this will be different?  


Because we have seen the results from people just like you conquer that old weight reduction 'burnout' - it's actually quite simple to do, especially if you ride that wave with the best hypnotherapists Adelaide can offer. Our effective techniques ensure that the three scientific pillars of permanent weight reduction are all present, resulting in lasting change.  However, dont' just take our word for it, see some of our client success stories below.

Client Success Stories

Paige made significant changes to her life and her future goals to achieve weight loss sucess


Jo's story is quite inspiring. For 25 years, she has weighed and measured the calorie count of EVERYTHING she ate as well as weighing herself every day. Jo...

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Meet Raechelle, When she first came to see me, Raechelle was in a very dark place emotionally and on the brink of full on depression.

Met Gen! See how she achieved great results with this weightloss story

She had tried everything else before this program and nothing had worked. She was sick of feeling flat and having no energy. By the end of the program Donna was feeling amazing ​

Meet Kirsty, Find out how she was able to let go of the constant war within herself and her emotions. Kirsty describes her life and emotions as living in a constant mind-field battle, which was totally draining and gut wrenching .

Meet Cat! She joined the program pre Covid -19 and was a busy working mum & wife and living with a lot of stress. The tools, guidance and support Cat received during the program helped her to drastically reduce her stress levels and manage her life with a greater sense of calm.

From feeling flat and having an unhealthy relationship to food to feeling like a different person that everyone notices to the point that a friend commented that her soul looks brighter! Listen to Alana's inspiring journey and fabulous results.


Meet Lisa!

Lisa struggled with emotional eating and comes from a very science-based background and was a little sceptical of how Hypnosis works. Listen to her amazing results…

Meet Sue! The changes and benefits that Sue has experienced after completing my online 5in4 Weight Loss Course have been nothing short of fabulous!


real stories, real weight loss success

I joined the program because I was sick of yo-yo dieting and not sustaining my results. I knew my emotions affected my eating patterns and felt as though I was sabotaging myself...


I wanted to deal with the emotions to move forward and lose the weight for good.  I lost 5.1kgs in 4 weeks, lost 14cm across my body, dropped a dress size as well as losing all that emotional baggage I had been carrying for years. I am now free to continue building on these results and know it will happen!
Annie | April 2020

I had tried everything else and nothing worked…


I was sick of feeling flat and having no energy. I lost over 4 kilos in 4 weeks and gained so much energy. I also am feeling much calmer and positive. I no longer have the battle with food. I loved that the program combined creating healthy habits with building a positive mindset about food and oneself. The support you get is priceless. Also by the end of the program you realise you do know how to get to your ideal weight and you are confident in your ability to maintain it forever. Suzanne you have created a winning combination of body and mind. This program will sell itself as it works. Well done and I wish you every success

Donna | April 2020

My 5 visits to Suzanne have been life changing….


She has helped me to focus on what I need to do in my life to be successful in regaining my health and losing weight. I have regained my energy and zest for life and I now believe I can successfully continue to lose weight and keep it off. My mind is now working for me not against me in this journey.

Good luck with your journey.

Heather | April 2020

Thanks to Suzanne my whole relationship with food has changed...


Dieting is no longer tied in with feelings of deprivation and failure and the weight is slowly and steadily coming off. Suzanne is professional and caring.

Highly recommend.


Suzanne | February 2020

Thank you Suzanne for creating a program that helps to nurture the mind, soothe the soul and has empowered me to make positive changes…


to create a healthier version of myself and for also validating that “I” am important and that time for myself not only benefits me but the whole family. You are a wonderful person with so many qualities, I would highly recommend your program to others. I look forward to staying in touch with you and I am thankful to you for opening my mind to new practices such as Reiki.

Lauren | January 2020


I lost 4kg and 12cm from around my body and a changed attitude towards food.


I already knew that food was nourishment for the body and thought I had a healthy relationship with food, knowing that when I chose to eat something it would have impact, but doing it anyway.  Working with the time line therapy helped shift some emotional feelings which may or may not have been connected to the way I ate, but I have noticed a huge difference in the way I approach food now. 

Carolyn | February 2020



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