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OCT 20 / by Suzanne Ingleton/ Weightloss

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Weight loss is by no means an easy process, if it were we wouldn’t find ourselves living in a country where 67% of adults are either overweight or obese… The reality is, it’s hard. It requires dedication, perseverance and sometimes even a little help from a professional to get you on the right path. 


Sure, exercise and diet play a huge role in weight loss, but for some people it’s just not enough. Last year alone, 22,000 Australians underwent bariatric surgery, the three most common being gastric sleeve surgery, gastric bypass surgery and gastric band surgery.


Gastric sleeve surgery permanently removes 80% of your stomach. 


In gastric bypass surgery a small stomach pouch is created by removing, or “bypassing,” most of your stomach and the first part of your small intestine.


Gastric band surgery is when an adjustable and reversible lap band is wrapped around the stomach to restrict its volume, thus reducing your portion sizes. 


Professor Wendy Brown, Chair of the Monash University Department of Surgery at the Alfred Hospital and director of the university's Centre for Obesity Research and Education says, “people who sign up for it (weight loss surgery) are signing up to a program for life."


"This is an operation that needs to be treated with respect, because it is just a tool for maintaining weight loss and it can be worked around. There's no operation in the world that will get past a diet of chocolate, chips and lollies."


People who opt for bariatric surgery run the risk of developing a myriad of health issues, including malabsorption of nutrients, vitamin deficiency, anaemia and protein deficiency, loss of bone mass and bone strength, as well as an increased likelihood of gallstones. But it’s not just the physical body that struggles as a result of this kind of surgery, mentally there is a lot to deal with. 


Having spoken to people who have undergone this kind of surgery, many report struggling with their addiction to food, they feel mentally hungry all the time but do not feel physical hunger,  Just having more than a few bites is painful. After some time, this seriously affects their relationship with food and their body. 


So, what can you do when you’ve tried everything but the weight just won’t shift? 


Try Virtual Gastric Banding (VGB) via hypnosis! 


VGB is a non-invasive, powerful alternative to weight loss surgery. It works by planting suggestions into the subconscious mind that help to address issues and emotions that are driving your eating habits. It targets negative eating patterns and retrains your mind to accept and enjoy healthy eating. 


And don’t worry, hypnotherapy isn’t scary! Contrary to popular belief I won’t make you cluck like a chicken! 


During your VGB sessions you’ll be in complete control, and in a state of pure relaxation.  After your first session you’ll most likely notice a significant improvement in your behaviour around food. 


Here at The Weight Loss Coach HQ, we don't simply do Hypnosis.  We are also trained in MindBody Nutrition and provide personalised advice around food, mindset and movement.


For a lot of people, Virtual Gastric Banding is a life changing experience that heals their relationship with food and their body. 


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