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  • The #1 most important piece of advice I could give you

    Quality is everything.  Find out WHY this matters.

  • How to lose weight naturally – without any crazy diets

    Food restrictions just don't work .  I'll let you in on a much simpler and easier way to lose weight.

  • Learn all about the power of Slowing down

    When we listen to our body we can actually eat less!

  • The best way to reset your metabolism

    Awareness is one of the key ingredients to achieve a reset.

Hi, Im Suzanne Ingleton

Im an Eating Psychology Coach and Hypnotherapist and  I help women who are struggling with emotional and binge eating to get off the dieting cycle for good and change their relationship with food and body through the power of hypnosis.


The Blueprint to Weight Loss success has been designed with ease and simplicity in mind – no weird diets or fancy exercise routines – just a natural sustainable way for you to reach your best weight.


Without this, you'll stay stuck on the dieting merry-go-round – trying every diet known to man and typically putting all the weight back on PLUS more in just 12 months!


With this simple educational guide that is backed by progressive science and not outdated hand-me-down information, you will finally stop fighting those inner mind battles and you will learn how to eat simply and sustainably so you can live the life you want to live, happy and comfortable in your own skin.


Yours in good health

Suzanne x

Here’s what others are saying about working with Suzanne…

I had tried everything else and nothing worked. I lost over 4 kilos in 4 weeks and gained so much energy. I also am feeling much calmer and positive. I no longer have the battle with food


Happy Mum

I still cant believe I haven't eaten a crisp in over 9 months. I now have a greater awareness of food, and it's relation to my brain, I no longer constantly think about food.

I feel so much lighter!


Personal Stylist

6 weeks on the program and am very happy with the results so far (4kg), and this is only the start. I now think very differently about food and dieting - I highly recommend


Happy Client

Living a life free from ever dieting again is just a click away

Now you will never have to worry about what to eat and when to eat.